Being Me!!😎

Yes, i am straight forward person.

I don’t pretend to like someone whom I say the brunt truth when required even if the truth hurts them, they might be able to learn and improve.

People tend to avoid me with this attitude.

Straightforwardness creates many enemies within your close circle.

You can’t hide anything, you can’t control your tongue, you can’t hide your emotions, it became hazardous and will burn us inside.

People take straight forward attitude as an act of misbehavior.

When you are being honest. Don’t think about the outcomes let alone the world.

Say what you feel, i just speak whats on my mind..that doesn’t mean I’m rude..I’m just being honest.


World No Tobacco Day🚭 

“World Anti Tobacco day” is observed around the world every year on May 31st. Name of this day itself reflects the object of this day. It is one of many other health awareness days throughout the year.

The main objective of celebrating the world no Tobacco day all over the world is to promote and encourage the common public to reduce or stop the use of tobacco or its products consumption as it may lead to some major diseases.

In order to maintain a good health, you need to eat healthy, feel healthy and on the top of it, you should not have an addiction to those products that are harmful to your health. 

Tobacco can be used in many forms such as cigarettes, cigars, bidis, chewing tobacco, pipes and many more so it is very necessary to ban the use of tobacco products as well.

It is very necessary to ban or stop the use of tobacco on global basis as it leads to many illnesses​, chronic diseases like lung cancer, heartattacks,  strokes, chronic heart diseases, cancer and etc.

I Hate Numbers ❌🔢

I hate mathematics from the bottom of my heart!! The sentence says it all how hatred I have towards maths.

Different people like different things,there is nothing that is universally liked by every human being. Maths is no exception

There are few people who seem to appreciate the beauty of maths, but i feel this as geeky and complicated.

But one thing I’ve understood is mathematics is very essential these days.
I always hated maths, I remember the day when I scored full marks in mathematics  when I was in 9th standard, I don’t used to like mathematics but that day I couldn’t believe my ears, as I never dreamed of getting good marks in that subject. Scores and ranks wasn’t the big reason for me to be happy but that day I was able to outshine my biggest competitor’s, I determined to work hard as much as possible.. thought the results of my hardwork were beyond expectations.

That day I came to know that I should never doubt my abilities and should have faith in myself, people say work hard and love the beauty of mathematics..but today I realised that it totally relies on the past concepts that should be understood very well in order to further understand future concepts.

The foundation of maths should be pretty strong in order to get a good grasp on things. Developing critical thinking might not be the best motivation in smaller age.
Doing true maths requires creativity, and not all people are dedicated to understand the beauty of maths. I remember my friends used to explain me the concepts of mathematics just before exam and it was all remembered I used to remember numbers,formulaes… needless to say I find this incredibly sad. I look at mathematics as a monster that attacks me and needs to be fought off.

Here’s an actual conversation I had in junior high school with my brother before the exam day:
Me: “I have exam tomorrow, could you please explain me this trigonometry chapter?”

Bro: “Please don’t come to me without learning basic concepts..”

Me: (Rolls eyes)

I was clueless, does he really want me to go back and study till 11th class?!?😵 

Now, I realised maths is an essential thing which would help us in the future and loving mathematics is the only thing which we can do.It is a necessary evil-You have to study no matter how much you hate because it is an important pillar of our life you can’t just ignore.

So, I conclude everybody can’t love everything or the same thing in this case mathematics. Think of situation where everybody love mathematics and everybody around are’s quite difficult even imagining the situation. We need diversity for our civilization to exist, without diversity there would be no growth for others whom we need like painters,sports, doctors, physicist etc.


We all have emotions.There are both positive and negative emotions that govern our minds.Positive emotions are those that bring happiness to us as well as to all those around us.

Negative emotions are those make us restless and unhappy and also force us to spread the same to everyone around.

Anger however, perhaps the most destructive of all emotions that causes loss of self control and temporary madness.It changes the person causes certain changes in our body..our blood began to circulate faster,eyes become red and some people even tremble with anger.

It takes our control,makes us violent, aggressive and unreasonable and the most important thing is we refuse to listen to any sense and continue to burn within.

We may be vocal and start shouting.Some people throw anything that comes within their reach. They slam doors, kick things abuse,hitout.Anger changes a man into animal.

Even the most sensible person can turn almost insane for a moment when he is ruled by anger. We all will regret later..we lose our friends,we hurt our families. Anger destroys one’s peace of must begin to breathe deeply and count to ten. This can distract the mind from the thought that caused the anger.

People often make great mistakes in their lives when they are angry. They try to undo the damage that they caused to others and most of all to themselves.

The less we give into our anger the happier can our lives be.

The storm approaching 🌩⚡🌩⛈

A thunderstorm lit up the skies of hyderabad last was terrible but wonderful at the same time.

Some people feel the rain and others just get wet..

Oh my god!! You know this fragrance?!? It is something you will never forget!!

I really need relief from this heat.

Beauty in the storm..

Even nature needs to scream sometimes!! “The Angry Storm”

Storms are wonderful..The way how the skies trashes and scream.

Always look for the beauty!

Much needed rain,makes everything look green and lush..

Rain clouds over my head..

It can be a refreshing feeling especially when you are been waiting on it..

The rain soothes my soul…

I love playing in the rain.. dancing in the rain.. get wet in the will wash away all my worries and I just want to enjoy the fragrance.

If you ever want your soul to dance in the clouds,you will at some point have to juggle lightning and taste the thunder..

There is so so much Beauty in the storm .. Beautiful light is born of darkness…⛈

My moment of calm..made in heaven..

I’m such a love of rain..let your eyes close to the rhythms of the drops.

I just want to stay on my bed with a good book,and sound of the rain that would be perfect.

Life is full of beauty….smell the rain..feel the your life to the fullest 

A rainy day is a special gift to the readers

Happy rainy day!!

The Girls Wardrobe👗

This is my first fashion blog, all i could think about.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Though we have wardrobe full of dresses We hear the same words from woman “I have nothing to wear” this is how girls are.. but the fact is that it’s not about how many dresses,we have plenty dresses in our wardrobes but woman choose to be different and look different each and every day. Even if they have n number of dresses they tend to be unique.

“I wish everytime i see my favourite outfits in social networking sites,would magically appear in my wardrobe”

When one of my friends called me saying “movie at 12” or let’s hangout!!.. as soon as she disconnectes the call.. The second thought I get is.. What to wear? I have nothing to wear :/ and I’ll start yelling at my mom about the clothes i have..and she starts scolding me just by saying the same words.. Your wardrobe is full of clothes..and I be so casual 😑

“Live a colourful life”💙💚💛💜❤

Every person nurtures an innate desire of looking good and feel special.We all woman are’s all about fashion and taking fashion in a big way even if we have countless​ way many clothes we just want to look stylish,unique,attractive,cool, trendy,ritzy ❤

“Fashion has to reflect who you are”

Fashion trends keep changing so how can we be the same.


Things end..but memories last forever

My college days were probably the best days of my life, I belonged to aurora’s engineering college which is located in Uppal.

“We didn’t realise we are making memories,we just knew we were having fun”

We had a group of nine members,we were a crazy group,we often bunked the lectures and spent our day in the college canteen. We were known to be one of the thickest groups of our batch, our teachers knew each of us by our names as we participated in all the possible extra curricular activities and organised many events that were thrown our way. I remember being dragged out of the class just once because,I had decided to sit in the lecture when the rest were heading out for a movie

“Friends you make in college are the one you’ll have for life,even if you don’t talk for years at a time”

It’s not only about enjoyment but I’ve learned a lot from my professors,they were very supportive and encouraged us in all the things to grow up in our lives.

Every single moment spent in the college is something i will cherish for the rest of my life. And the fact is that,I found myself friends for life during my college phase is something I’m grateful for and value. Those days are unforgettable and beautiful and will never come back again.