Happy telugu new year!

May you have a new year filled with joy,luck and prosperity! 🌺🥭🎍

It is said that Ugadi is celebrated when brahma started the creation of the universe on this day and introduced days,weeks and months to just keep track of the time.

Just like on the other festivals today is going to be a new beginning as all the south indians will celebrate this festival with offering prayers,designing colourful rangolis, flowers and mango leaves decorated all over. And Ugadi traditional feast with Ugadi Pachadi and other dishes.

Ugadi pachadi has 6 different tastes like sweet, sour, salt, spicy, pungent and bitter.

It is believe that the fist taste that feels on your tongue when you have the Ugadi pachadi is how your year is going to be.

I felt the sweet taste when i tasted it. Hoping for a sweetest year ahead for everyone 😀

I really need some love rn. But i’m afraid nothing is permanent and i have the fear of losing people as they don’t usually last long at least for me.

I crave for relationships that can be any kind. But i don’t get attached to people too easily because i’m afraid of losing relationships.

Even though i am too needy and crave attention from people. But i hide from them too.

I hardly can’t stop thinking about my lost item from my schooling. And forgetting about people is an other thing for me.

I have trust issues just because of my loss in the past. But hoping for good things in the future 🙂

Is it only me

Is it only me who overthinks for everything

I wonder how actors manage to work with their on screen partners without catching any feelings for them

I will think for hours if some random guy just helps me on my way 😅

Change is painful

I am no more the same person i was

I don’t have control over my emotions

I lost interest in everything

I don’t get happiness anymore in doing my favourite things

I feel hopeless or lost

I always feel weak and shaky

I can’t remember the last time i smiled for real

I can’t stop myself from being sad

I can see changes in my sleep and appetite

I always irritate and become angry on others without no reason

I am unable to concentrate or focus on anything

I don’t feel things anymore

I just feel numb

I can see unexplained changes in me both physically and mentally

But i know i will not be the same person in the future!

A Real Feeling

A person who is not emotionally attached to you will never bother about you and the person who is emotionally attached and concerned about you and who cares for you will always think about what you are, what you want and where you are!

And it’s not the rich, strong or the powerful person you want it’s just the understanding person we all need and everyone deserves to feel loved 💖

Be kind!

When you have no one to talk

When you have no one to share your pain

When you have no one to care for you

And you feel lost and hopeless!

Just remember that god will send someone to make you smile 🙂

Be kind whenever possible. Kindness gives hope to the people! ✨

Making the best out of everything 😇

Do you feel lonely?

But have you ever noticed or thought about it whenever you feel alone and lost you will be knowing more about who you are and what you want to be in the near future when you are actually alone?

Even i was feeling lonely and sad for sometime in my life but when i started to think about it more i realised i was concentrating more on my goals,career,hobbies and now i at least have some hope on my life.

So never stuck in your life you can search good in everything ⚛️

Threatening future!

The purpose of our lives is to be happy i said to myself over years. But today my future threatens me!

I started to live with the same moto even after facing too many challenge in my life. And i am still facing! But i know i am the only one who can make myself happy and i’m on it trying hard.

Not everyone’s life is perfect. Sometimes pain and the other times little happiness. In my case it’s always pain and i wonder if it is happening only with me.Why always me!? I don’t know may be if i must have done something bad in my past life that’s affecting me today. And i know i am the only one who can change pain into happiness.

Now, it’s the day my life is at a state where my own people started commenting on me about my personal life and act as if they care but happy inside. The people who should be standing with me by my side during my tuff times instead they are ignoring me and looking at me if i have done some crime. My smile vanished, i have lost confidence in myself. But the society is still the same.

I never loved myself, just because of the people who always discouraged me or insulted me in every phase of my life. I am one of the many girls of our generation who actually feels the same at some phase of their life.

I never knew that i have to born perfect and live perfect my whole life without any ups and downs nor my mom knows that she has to raise a kid who must be perfect from the born day. I’d love to but it’s just my fate and i accept it. Is my personal life stopping you from not liking me or loving me the way you all were with me all these days!? Or was it all fake!?

Yes i was not a strong women till today, that was the biggest blunder i’ve ever made. I shouldn’t have listen to people or care their words. That stopped me from loving myself, being confident, strong and feeling insecure. But today it’s time for me to become stronger and stronger! And i am already half way there!

I have always waited for a man who makes me smile and happier,i never expected anything from anyone except for the love and happiness it’s just karma i am going through and i strongly believe that some or the other day i will become way more stronger and successful. But yeah only if you stop judging me and looking at me like i’ve done something wrong!

I wish everyone realises and end this chain. No matter how well educated or rich you are, you show up actually who you are.

Whoever debases others is debasing themselves. More power to me and all the people who are going through something in their lives! You are whom you really want to be ❤️🤗